Thursday, February 14, 2013

A peek into Baby Hop's World...

With all the craziness going on, I wanted to share something that I am super excited about...Baby Hops nursery. I've got a lot of updating to do from the past few weeks...I know...I know...but I can assure you, while I may have a very busy schedule, I will find time to update :)

But I'm more excited about his nursery than my hospital stays :)

So, ever since we found out we were having a boy, Matt and I both knew we wanted to do something outdoorsy, almost Colorado-ish. We didn't want to go totally baby. We wanted the cozy, baby feel, but something he could grow into (We really didn't want to have to redecorate after a year or two and wanted to get things we could use someday in other areas of our home if needed). We both love love LOVE Colorado,  the mountains,  etc. We even sort of picked his name after a beautiful mountain peak in Colorado (that my friends, will remain a secret until he decides to show his cute little face). Growing up, my family visited Colorado every year. It is such a beautiful, peaceful, serene place that holds many wonderful memories and makes my heart happy.

This is where I'm sure I will spend a lot of time with our sweet boy. I covered the lamp shade (trying to be all crafty)...just don't look too close, and we're all good :) but really, don't look at it closely. I crocheted the blanket on the first attempt at crochet. It's ok that when its unfolded, it's completely uneven and goes in then out on the sides.  He won't notice until he's 2, right? I also made the sign above the glider, with my favorite Bible verse. We found the oar at Hobby Lobby and painted it white.


After looking at plenty of dressers, we decided to go with a dresser/changing table combo. Once he is potty trained and into big boy undies (BTW, they make toddler boxer briefs that are SO cute), the changing part removes, and waalahh! It's a dresser. 


I fell in love with this print the minute I saw it. I knew it had to go in his nursery. So, here it is. Adventure Awaits baby boy :)


Here is his crib! Where he will hopefully sleep in sooner than later! We really liked this crib, because if Baby Hop ever has a sibling (someday!) it's gender neutral. My mom, who is way craftier than me, whipped out her sewing machine and made his crib bumper, crib skirt and curtains. I know grey chevron is everywhere, but what the heck, I love it. It needed some color, so what better than bright yellow. My mom really did amazing on everything.

Here's another look. No, there is not a pink heart above his's just covering up Baby H's initial :) The brown bear is probably the cutest thing. That was a Matt find...gotta give props to the hubs.


His bookshelf. I couldn't resist the French Bulldog piggy bank. And the "Slow Down" print we loved because it's not only 'Colorado-ish', it reminds us to cherish Every.Single.Moment. Even the tough ones. Too often I wish, "I just want to meet him! Can't he be here now?" When in reality, he will be walking, talking, driving and eventually have kids of his own! Whew...Slow.Down. Enjoy every moment.

More bookshelf...I had to have Kansas representing (with a heart over Manhattan of course). Matt's grandfather gave him the train when he was little and if our look closely, there is a book on how to be a gentleman. Half price books find. Love.

Baby boys closet...I'm sure this will look waaaay different once he is here. It's really hard to organize things for a baby...Im sure I will find what works best once we get settled. Plus, his dresser is full of his adorable baby clothes too :)
Some forest friends.
And of course, big brother to be, Mr. Sam. He is still a little confused on what this new room is for. Oh you are in for a treat Sam.
 Pete however, has made himself quite comfy testing out every single baby item/furniture so far. He is in for a surprise when he learns this is in fact, not his new room.
And all we need is a baby! Of course, not quite yet. Remember...Slow.Down. :)

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